Join Us and Take Action

A co-ordinated campaign by The Alliance for Childhood Cancer and the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer.


We invite all interested organizations and individuals in the childhood cancer community to participate in the #StepUp social media campaign. This campaign, first launched in June 2014, is designed to create a unified community voice through shared messaging around childhood cancer priorities while also fostering creativity and respecting the autonomy of individual groups and advocates.

How to Participate:

Our Campaign Plan is a toolkit providing a menu of options for your convenience. You can use as many of our sample messages or Image Bank graphics as you see fit. You can choose to support all or just parts of the campaign and its objectives. You can stick to the dates we suggest, or post about #StepUp whenever you’d like. We’re just happy to have you here.

#StepUp for #STARAct Advocacy Toolkit

This is a critical time in our community’s mission to make childhood cancer a national priority. Advocates attending Childhood Cancer Action Days (May 1-2nd) will storm the halls of Congress and they need support from all of us at home backing up their message.

Please join this coordinated community campaign by asking Congress to #StepUp for #STARAct.

Support our advocates in Washington and children with cancer around the country by taking action at home. Here’s how:

  • Check the map, then write your Rep: Check the updated map of STAR Act cosponsors.
    • If your Member is already signed on, please tell them ‘thanks!’
    • If your Member is NOT yet signed on, use the contact information provided by the map tool to call their office, send a tweet, or write a letter through their website asking them to please #StepUp and co-sponsor!
  • Use the hashtags #StepUp for #STARAct so we can follow along. Visit the image bank to find messages to share.
  • Tweet your members of Congress using the Twitter-based action platform SoundOff.
  • Get visual: Change your Facebook and Twitter profile photos to the #StepUp image.
  • Help us go viral: Share #StepUp posts with your friends and ask them to share with their friends! Promote the StepUp website to help people get more information.

Additional Suggested Activities:

  • Promote campaign website landing page:
  • #StepUpSelfie Challenges:  Especially recommended for organizations or individuals with active Facebook and Instagram followings. Ask followers to post pictures with a print-out of the #StepUp graphic or demonstrating the physical act of “stepping up” in a creative way.
  • Spread the word! To achieve greater awareness, we need to reach an audience outside of the childhood cancer community. Please ask your friends and family to share your posts on social media but we also urge you to tweet at celebrities and/or the media.

Sample Tweets related to STAR Act:

  • Congress, please #StepUp for the #STARAct! The Childhood Cancer STAR Act will improve the lives of children with cancer. Are you signed on?
  • 150 childhood cancer advocates are on Capitol Hill asking Congress to #StepUp for #STARAct. RT to make sure their voices are heard!
  • STAR=Survivorship, Treatment, Access & Research. Ask Congress to support children with cancer & #StepUp for #STARAct!

Other Sample Tweets and Supporting Messages:

  • #StepUp: Make Childhood Cancer a National Priority
  • #StepUp: More Funding for #ChildhoodCancer Research for #NCI
  • The current survival rate for many childhood cancers is 0%. #StepUp: Make #ChildhoodCancer a National Priority.
  • A child who dies of cancer loses 71 years of life. #StepUp to help children with cancer live long lives.
  • Cancer is the leading disease killer of children in the US. #StepUp to make #ChildhoodCancer a national priority.
  • 80% of #Childhoodcancer survivors suffer chronic health issues as result of treatment. #StepUp

Write your own, sharing your own stories, quotes, or facts. Please use #StepUp and #STARAct whenever possible!

For More Information: Vickie Buenger ( or Danielle Leach (